Club History


Jules Goodyear : The Creator & Founder

The club has a great heritage, with lots of players beginning with Jules Goodyear, notably one of the best players in the UK who built a great team and club with depth, talent and a sheer will to win. You have to understand that during his tenure, the snooker and pool world was changing from the big table to the small table and from EPA through to World Rules and eventually Blackball… He had the insight and awareness  and much credit must go to him for beginning this adventure, to do what he’s done takes vision, passion and guts. Respect…

Keith Warren : Owner with High Ambition

Improving on something that was already ‘good’ is a hard ask… but, Keith’s vision and determination to update and modernise the venue is both a combination of substance and style… more facilities and more for the pool player along with a desire to make it a more comfortable experience all round. The venue is both sleek and at the same time quirky… his philosophy is that because we don’t have the public coming into the club, the members get a more personalised and unique experience.